Triple F Trio
On a visit to the Luna Star Café in North Miami one day, Damian J was formerly introduced to two gentlemen that drive the American folk music scene in the magic city. Singer/Songwriters/Guitarists Evan Frankel and Michael Weiskopf were fascinating to the vintage jazzman. An open source musical collaboration truly has no limits and after meeting these two gentlemen and hearing their music a new experiment was about to take place. The three met in their South Beach apartment to exchange musical ideas one day. The simple musical palates provided by the “folkies” gave Damian J the perfect basis for a true “Americana jam” something unheard of, or so they thought. Michael Weiskopf is the front man for the Bob Dylan tribute band, The Complete Unknowns and it just so happens that Wynton Marsalis, one of the premier jazz musicians in the United States performed with Bob Dylan, one of the founding fathers of the American folk music renaissance of the 1960s. Upon learning of that collaboration, Damian J set out to perform on a regular basis with Evan Frankel and Michael Weiskopf either together or separate however that “folk” component was to be present for “Funky Folk Fusion” to take place. The Triple F Trio debuted at Clandestino Pub as part of the open jazz series back in 2015 as well as at Pinch Me Gastrobar & Market in Coral Gables as part of the Friday Night Lights concert series. Also in 2015, Triple F Trio performed at MIA Beer Co.’s monthly Speakeasy evening. The collaboration is driven by all three of the founding members and includes many more folk artists combining talents with Weiskopf, Frankel, and Damian J. Most recently the Triple F Trio performed at the Luna Star Café in January 2017. Examples of Michael Weiskopf’s original compositions can be found under Michael Weiskopf music. Evan Frankel’s original compositions can be purchased on CD Baby. The Damian J Project is proud to be one of the hosts for this historic fusion of folk music and jazz.

Repetoire Includes:
Suffering Fools
 Wrong Side of Love
Tough Act to Follow
You’ll have to go
Ten Thousand Miles
New Lee Highway
The Girl from the North Country
 I didn’t know it
Pacing the Cage
Lost in Translation
No Welding Required