Made from Scratch
The latest musical collaboration in the Damian J Project involves the modern day electronic music scene interacting with the vintage sounds of jazz. This newest edition began in the fall of 2015 when Damian J was recommended by a good friend as the ideal accompanist to a DJ performing at a South Beach bar. Weary of the invitation, Damian J did not respond to phone calls, messages, or emails left by the desperate DJ. Finally out of curiosity a phone conversation took place and what was discovered was that this was not your average DJ. Guti Talavera was a Puerto Rican musician, a pioneer in his own right, a visionary, and definitely not a DJ. He described himself as an electronic scratch artist who sought to find the perfect scratch. He is a visionary who combines all original ambient sounds and self-made beats with his percussive turntable techniques and thus arrive at spontaneous new music. By all means this new form of improvisation appealed to the Damian J Project. Guti Talavera and Damian J began performing in the fall of 2015 at Clandestino Pub and were featured at the Tribe Art Show in conjunction with Art Basel 2015. The two established a new and singular voice in jazz. They called it, “Made from Scratch”. In March 2016 Guti Talavera was chosen to headline at the Heineken International JazzFest from San Juan, Puerto Rico and he chose to invite Damian J and premier Made from Scratch at the festival to a crowd of over 650 eager jazz fans from around the world. Made from Scratch has also performed at the Miami Mini Maker Faire in 2016 and the Tribe Art Show in the fall of 2016. Guti Talavera’s success can be attributed to his remarkably fresh and exciting form of modern electronic jazz as well as his creative videos featuring his music. Combined with the vintage sounds of yesteryear the two have created a niche in the land of DJs. Samples of his own voice can be heard on tracks featuring the flute, soprano and tenor saxophones all interacting and improvising in the name of jazz. “Your DJ just had a brilliant idea” is one of those contrapuntal phrases going repeatedly as turntables scratch and saxophones riff. It truly is something Made from Scratch. Local presentations and corporate events are to follow. More information and footage can be found under the Damian J Project as well as under Guti Talavera and Made from Scratch.
Repetoire Includes:
Break me a Hundred
Some kind of Jazz
El Cortadito
You Will Soon Find Out
Puerto Rico
My Funky Self
Oye como Va
Taste the Fresh